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Music, Drama, and the Visual Arts

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Exploring Personal Expression

Starting in Junior Kindergarten our Arts Education program consists of drama, music, and visual arts and is taught by passionate educators who are specialists in their fields. In addition to teaching at Aspengrove, these teachers are involved in professional art and music productions, bringing a high level of expertise to everything they do. Both programs challenge students to examine and reflect on themselves and the world around them. A highlight is our annual music and theatre productions, during which students showcase their skills—from acting and singing, to stage management and choreography. 


A Rich Education in the Arts

  • Visual Arts

    The Visual Arts Program inspires a lifelong appreciation for art, encouraging students to discover their personal style and develop their skills beyond imitation. Students will become informed, reflective, and critical practitioners in the arts. By developing curiosity about themselves, others, and the world, students become effective learners, inquirers, and creative problem solvers. By the end of Grade 12, students who study visual arts as part of the Diploma Programme have the opportunity to display two years of their work in an art show. It’s a proud moment for the young artists, their friends, family, and the school community.

  • Senior Visual Arts

    Students in the Diploma Programme follow a two-year course that combines a variety of art-making skills and techniques, art history, and an exploration of personal expression. In the second year, students focus on their own independent study, while they are supported in the studio by their teacher, peers, and other professionals in the visual arts field. 

  • Junior & Senior Band

    Junior Band is for students in Grades 5–8 who are interested in continuing playing in a concert band setting and are learning foundational skills on their instruments. Senior Band, an auditioned band that tours and participates in festivals, has qualified for MusicFest Canada and has travelled as far as Cuba. 

  • Ravenous Jazz Band

    Aspengrove’s Jazz Band performs regularly in the community and at various events. This fun band is composed of students and faculty and also often forms the core of the pit band for Aspengrove’s musical theatre productions. 

  • Performing Arts

    The Performing Arts Program is made up of drama and music. Students learn risk-taking, inquiry, teamwork, respect, problem solving, and responsibility—and have lots of fun at the same time! Beyond the classroom, there are extracurricular opportunities for students to participate in choir, band, and drama.


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