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  • Student Handbook

    Aspengrove School’s Parent & Student Handbook has been crafted in order to provide the Aspengrove community with the necessary information to ensure the smooth and safe day-to-day operations of the school. It is intended to be a useful tool that can be referred to throughout the year. Everyone, therefore, is encouraged to become familiar with the contents of this handbook to facilitate ease of understanding and communication. Read the Parent & Student Handbook here.

    The 2024/2025 Parent & Student Handbook will be published in late August.

  • Uniforms

    School uniforms are required to be worn by all Aspengrove School students during school hours. For more information in regards to school uniforms, please contact Aspengrove School’s front office.

    To learn more about the 2024/2025 Uniform Guidelines, click here.

  • Attendance

    Late-arriving students are required to check-in at the school office to have their attendance record updated by the main office. Parents/guardians will be notified if a student absence is unaccounted for by 8:45 am.

  • Absence Reporting

    If a child will be late or absent from school, an email to is required as early as possible.

  • Device Policy

    We want our students to be focused on their academic and social learning in the best environment possible. To that end, cell phones, smart watches (used as a communication device), and any other mobile communication devices may not be used while on campus between 8:00 am and 3:15 pm. If you feel your child must have a cell phone, it must remain in their backpack, turned off while at school. As a reminder, texting, using social media platforms (during the school day), or making unauthorized digital recordings are prohibited. 

    Personal laptops/tablets are allowed in class with teacher’s permission or at lunch in the supervised homework room. Diploma students on a study block are allowed to use their phones to listen to music. While you shouldn’t count on your child reading any texts until the end of the day, if it is an emergency, phone the office at 250-390-2201 and we will immediately help find your child.

  • Transportation

    Bus service is provided from Qualicum (North Bus) to South Nanaimo (South Bus) and runs every day. If there is an interference with before or after-school busing, parents will be notified by email or phone. The full Aspengrove Student Code of Conduct is in effect during transportation time.

    Please note we try to accommodate our families’ neighbourhoods and needs. If the bus is at maximum capacity, full-time riders will be given first priority. 

    To sign up, please complete the following online form: AGS Bus Commitment Form and Fees 2022-23

  • Field Trips

    Starting in Grade 4, students are encouraged to participate in Outdoor Education field trips, which take place both on campus and locally across Vancouver Island. Please refer to this section for further details and mandatory safety and travel forms in regards to upcoming school trips.

  • School Supplies

    At Aspengrove School, Kindergarten to Grade 10 students are required to purchase school supplies necessary for their studies at Aspengrove School.

    Kindergarten – Grade 5 Supply List

    Grade 6 – 10 Supply List

  • School Governance

    The Central Island Independent School Society is the not-for-profit corporation that established, governs and administers Aspengrove School. The Board of Governors of the Society is essentially what you may think of as Aspengrove School’s school board.  

    To become a member or renew your membership and cast a vote at the school’s Annual General Meeting, please submit a completed application form as well as the annual membership fee of $10.00. Learn more here.

  • Aspengrove Parents’ Association

    The Aspengrove Parents’ Association strives to foster communication and provide support for all members of the Aspengrove School community. Learn more about becoming a member here.

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