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The Best Online Applications to Facilitate Your Learning

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Due to the past pandemic, we now find ourselves being in front of the computer more than ever with a number of online applications that aid in an increasingly online-focused school curriculum at our fingertips. It is imperative that you use your online environment to the fullest extent to bring your work and organization to the next level.


In the International Baccalaureate (IB), citing your sources is crucial to adhere to the academic honesty policy and improve the academic elements of your writing. Easybib is a platform where one can input a URL from almost any type of visual/literary text used in a paper, presentation, or essay, into the citation generator and, with some manual input, produce a complete citation for your work cited page. The platform allows a multitude of citation types, including APA and MLA 9, and is frequently being updated to the newest iterations.

MyHomework Student Planner

Given the increasing course load and independence (especially in the Diploma Programme) it’s vital that you remain timely and organized. My homework student planner is an excellent organization tool that displays ongoing, complete, and future tasks efficiently. This is facilitated by due date reminders, prioritization of tasks, a clean user interface, and a calendar to view upcoming tasks, further allowing the addition of any desired personal tasks.


Quizlet is a platform that facilitates the creation of studying sets for test/exam preparation and is used by over 40 million students a month. The site allows for various, effective testing methods, including flashcards and practice tests along with fun minigames such as match and gravity. It also features a rating function to evaluate credibility. Given the universal nature of the IB curriculum and a large number of users, many relevant sets to fit coursework can be found.


Gone are the days when notes were taken on paper. Increasingly you may find yourself choosing to take and store notes online; however, if left unorganized, it may be just as hard as finding a piece of paper in a stack. To elevate your organization you can clip notes, websites, and data under a single header and possibly share the header with your groupmates. Notes can also be typed or drawn, allowing more flexibility than google docs, additionally offering both a calendar and to-do lists.


Given the complexity and depth of learning a language, especially one that is not your mother tongue, frequently practicing/refining your understanding is crucial. Duolingo breaks down languages into their subsets for practice, including everyday phrases, conjugations, and further thematic vocabulary. Strength levels help add a solidification of understanding, having to return to practice an old skill. While primarily written, further spoken and reading comprehension are integrated to give a comprehensive understanding of a given language, from French all the way to Chinese. An additional leaderboard is present to add a nice competitive aspect.

I hope you have learned of at least a few new applications that you can apply in your future learning. Easybib, My homework student planner, Quizlet, Evernote, and Duolingo will undoubtedly elevate your school experience. Good luck!

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