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The Grade 10 Personal Project

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In Grade 10, Aspengrove School students are required to complete a journey of learning that both stretches, inspires, and empowers their minds through hours of dedicated work to create one, all-encompassing project in which the individual has completely poured themselves into.

An event that takes place annually as part of their curriculum, the Grade 10 students take time to create a presentation based on a passion of theirs, or a learning goal, that inspires them. Over the course of a few months, students then create a product or outcome to demonstrate the learning goal. 

The journey requires students to pursue a goal of creating something, putting all of their ‘Approaches to Learning Skills’ to the test. Although the process is very involved, the results are overwhelmingly rewarding and exhilarating! It is a process of self-realization, where students learn about themselves in profound ways.

This is the Personal Project.

In the past, the Grade 10 Personal Project was presented in person to families, classmates, and teachers. However, as events of the past years have required us to shift into a more digital world, the students’ presentations have moved to an online format as well. Earlier this year, the Grade 10s presented their projects to viewers online and were met with praise and applause!

One of the notable things about the Grade 10 personal project is the sheer diversity of projects, passions, and talents. This year was no exception! Our students presented on various topics, including:

  • Cooking fine cuisine
  • Video game creation (which included building a completely functional video game!)
  • Video game character design
  • A Youtube channel dedicated to teaching people how to make blockbuster movies with their iPhones
  • A completed mystery novel
  • A completed book of poetry
  • A completed graphic novel
  • The creation of medieval game
  • Lessons in fashion design (complete with finished products!)
  • A number of beautiful paintings and sculptures
  • Instructional health, fitness, and strength training
  • Research on self-esteem and mental health of young people
  • The creation of an iconic laser gun from foam
  • And how to find peace and sustainability through rock climbing

We are very proud of how our Grade 10 students have presented their projects so creatively and in so many unique ways! This diversity reflects the diversity of our students at Aspengrove School, and we are very proud of them all.

We look forward to seeing what our students can come up with next year. Start your preparations, Grade 9s!

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