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Middle Years

Grades 6 to 10

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Making Every Day an Inspiring Experience

Our Middle Years Programme encourages students to engage deeply in their learning, helping them build a strong foundation for their future and develop a lifelong love of learning. Our goal is to help students find the best in themselves so that they will go on to make a difference in the world.

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Making Every Day an Inspiring Experience


The MYP is a holistic program, empowering students to meet academic challenges, build life skills, and develop intercultural awareness, preparing them to live meaningful lives in their local and global communities.


Our school leaders and educators participate in high-quality professional development opportunities, ensuring they continue to deliver an exceptional educational experience to their students. 


All IB World Schools are required to participate in an ongoing process of review and development, using the same programme standards and practices, to guarantee the IB curriculum is successfully delivered.


MYP Programme

The Middle Years Programme encourages students to make practical connections between their studies and the real world. The curriculum framework comprises eight subject groups, which provide students with a broad and balanced education.

  • Arts

    ​​The arts in the MYP seek to stimulate young imaginations, challenge perceptions, and develop creative and analytical skills through creating, performing, and presenting arts in ways that both engage and convey feelings, experiences, and ideas.

  • Design

    Inquiry and problem-solving are at the heart of design. In MYP design, students independently create and develop models, prototypes, products, or systems, developing not only practical skills but also strategies for creative and critical thinking.

  • Individuals & Societies

    This subject incorporates disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, focusing on real-world examples. This subject group encourages learners to respect and understand the world around them, and equips them with the necessary skills to inquire into historical, geographical, political, social, economic, and cultural factors that affect individuals, societies, and environments

  • Language Acquisition

    Starting in Junior Kindergarten, our students are given the opportunity to learn a second language, developing strong literacy skills to confidently communicate in both written and spoken French. Throughout the Middle Years and Diploma Programme Years, our students acquire a high degree of proficiency in the French language, often continuing to study French as a part of their post-secondary studies. 

  • Language & Literature

    MYP language and literature courses equip students linguistically, helping to develop listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing, and presenting skills both independently and with others. MYP language and literature courses include a balanced study of genres and literary texts, including a world literature component. 

  • Mathematics

    Mathematics promotes a powerful universal language, analytical reasoning, and problem-solving skills that contribute to the development of logical, abstract, and critical thinking. Mathematics in the MYP is tailored to the needs of students, seeking to intrigue and motivate them to want to learn its principles. Students see authentic examples of how mathematics is useful and relevant to their lives. 

  • Physical & Health Education

    MYP physical and health education aims to empower students to understand and appreciate the value of being physically active while developing the motivation for making healthy and informed life choices. From basketball and volleyball to swimming and track and field, our students are encouraged to participate and challenge themselves physically both in class and through our extensive co-curricular programs. 

  • Sciences

    The MYP sciences curriculum explores the connections between science and everyday life. Students are encouraged to investigate issues through research, observation, and experimentation, working independently and collaboratively. Students learn to appreciate and respect the ideas of others, gain good ethical-reasoning skills, and further develop their sense of responsibility as members of local and global communities.

Program Feature

Experiential Learning

Middle Years students are presented with exciting experiences that complement their academics, ranging from inspiring leadership and volunteer opportunities to fun outdoor education adventures, such as kayaking the ocean surrounding Vancouver Island, hiking some of the Island’s well-known peaks, and spending multiple-day camping trips in remote locations!

Program Feature

Personal Project

In Grade 10, Aspengrove School students are required to complete a journey of learning that stretches, inspires, and empowers their minds to create one all-encompassing project based on a passion of theirs or on a learning goal. From creating a completely functional video game, to writing a mystery novel, to conducting research on young people’s self-esteem and mental health, our Middle Years students pursue a diversity of projects and passions. 

Program Feature

The Grade 10 Adventure Program

During their Grade 10 year, Aspengrove School students participate in The Grade 10 Adventure Program. The program provides students with one off-timetable day per week to participate in a variety of enrichment activities. These are known as ‘Adventure Fridays’. Adventure Fridays incorporate the Indigenous Knowledge and Perspectives program within the BC Curriculum, and focus on five learning pillars: Student Leadership, Personal Projects, the Duke of Edinburgh Program, Indigenous Learning, and Outdoor Education.


An Enhanced Education

We aim to provide our students with a variety of enriching activities to support their various interests. From after school sports, music classes, and art classes, to table top board games, STEM class, and more, Aspengrove strives to allow students to join in and learn many valuable skills by being on a team or pursuing individual ventures.

  • “Our family has been part of Aspengrove for the last seven years. Our kids have been exposed to broad ideas, embraced critical thinking, and have experienced amazing opportunities as they mature into principled, caring young men. Aspengrove is a great community of classmates and friends. It is a fantastic school to belong to!”
    The Dol Family (Matt, Ethan, Liam & Ivette)
  • “Aspengrove is a wonderful community not just for our children but for our family. The energy from the students and staff on campus is contagious! We are grateful to be able to send our kids to such a safe, enriching environment each day knowing that they are being inspired to reach their personal goals.”
    The Bozman Family

    The Diploma Programme

    Learn more about how Aspengrove School prepares students for their Post Secondary journey through our Diploma Programme.

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